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ANAMA will promote, plan and implement a safe, effective, and efficient national mine action programme in Azerbaijan in order to remove the threat of landmines and explosive devices


  1. Develop effective prioritization process
  2. Develop wider funding base for ANAMA including oil companies and other private sector entities
  3. Maintain high level of transparency of ANAMA
  4. Sustain and enhance Public Relations strategy to maintain operational effectiveness
  5. Expand demining capacity to achieve strategic objectives
  6. Enhance Information Technology capacity to support the analysis, planning, and implementation of mine action activities in Azerbaijan
  7. Develop implementing partner capacity through training, monitoring, participation, sharing of best practise and involvement in planning process
  8. Procurement of up to date equipment to ensure effective and efficient mine action
  9. Retain ANAMA institutional mine action capacity
  10. Maintain effective international communication networks of mine action orientated organisations
  11. Maintain effective domestic communication networks including government, development organizations and mine action stakeholders
  12. Develop and implement enhanced quality management procedures
  13. Revise National Standards based upon updated International Mine Action Standards and ANAMA expertise and best practise
  14. Maintain and revise SOPs in accordance with National Standards
  15. Identify training needs of all programme staff based on SOPs and standards
  16. Establish in-county trust fund for mine action
  17. Conduct feasibility study for the development of national technological initiatives
  18. Develop regional coordination mechanisms
  19. Develop internal procedures for competitive tendering
  20. Continue training and development of all programme staff