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Medical Support to Demining

ANAMA Medical Team consists of 2 medical doctors and 12 paramedics of which 11 have passed through a number of national and international medical trainings and courses and obtained enough experience and skills in organization of quick response actions to the accident.

No attention-getting incident had taken place during 2012, except minor traumas and light sunstrokes in summer. All suffered were provided with a proper first aid in due time and transported to the hospital.

There are 11 fully equipped ambulances and 11 trauma kits among ANAMA medical capacity available. All of them were renewed with the newly procured equipment, medical materials and drugs.

The control and carrying out of procedures over medical evacuation (CASEVAC) according to monthly plans are also being conducted.

Monthly and annual reports on analysis of a case rate and also on misses of working days among ANAMA, RA and IEPF personnel were made. Monitoring of field and base camps medical services had been conducted on monthly basis in all regions.

In 2013 ANAMA Medical Service plans carrying out of following actions:

  • Conducting of medical and refresh trainings and courses
  • Purchase of medical equipment and medicines
  • Conducting monitoring procedures