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Abandoned Ammunition Storage Area CLEARANCE OPERATIONS in Guzdek

On 10 June 2009, according to the Government's task ANAMA began implementation of the clearance operations in Guzdek settlement of Garadakh region. This is one of the serious UXO problems inherited by Azerbaijan. 

Garadakh region is located in 20 minutes drive from Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. The former military warehouse which supplied 4 military commands with ammunition was located in the Guzdek settlement. As a result of explosion in 1991 thousand pieces of UXO were scattered over a large area continuously posing a serious humanitarian, socio-economic and environmental threat to the local population. The warehouse is located on 400,000 sq.m. and consisted of 20 storage facilities. There are evidences that perimeter of surrounding area is mined by AP mines. Since the explosion 10 accidents with 2 people killed were reported.

Guzdek project covers checking, surface and subsurface clearance, removal and destruction of AXO; clearance of mine affected territories with further disposal of all items found in 400,000 sq. m. area of the former ammunition warehouse in Guzdek settlement of Qaradagh region. The operations on this area continued with the same rhythm in 2010. The capacity of the operational team remained the same. This area is similar to Saloglu (both are former soviet ammunition storage areas). However nature of the items stored in here previously are quite different; operators on site are finding containers with brand new detonators, which are good for use, plastic mines and lots of C-4 explosive.  Both Guzdek and Saloglu projects are quite similar in terms of their clearance procedures and the amount of contamination with constructional rubble mixed with AXOs, which were left there for many years. This in turn makes the condition of those AXOs even more dangerous and sensitive to disturbance. The overall progress within Guzdek project in 2011 was 81,061 sq.m where 5,210 mines and UXOs were found and destroyed.