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Operational Activities

The main functions of ANAMA Operations (Ops) Department are to plan, task, prioritize, appraise performance of operational field staff, supervise and coordinate all humanitarian demining operations carried out in Azerbaijan. The aim is to ensure that operations are carried out in accordance with National and International Mine Action Standards and ensure that mine action resources are utilized effectively and efficiently.

ANAMA conducted operations in Agdam, Agcabedi, Agstafa, Fizuli, Terter regions, as well as in Qaradagh region of Baku city. Operational field personnel have also been extensively involved in delivering MRE to the local mine affected communities during non working days caused by inclement weather conditions.

As a part of the State Socio-Economic Development Program ANAMA continues to implement house clearance operations responding both to individual as well as local authorities requests in the mine/UXO affected regions of Azerbaijan. The Emergency Response Team moves around the mine/UXO affected regions and conducts house clearance operations according to the list of houses provided by local authorities.

Throughout the year ANAMA responded to various emergency requests received from State as well as non state organizations. Emergency requests were addressed accordingly by the ANAMA Regional Offices located in Fizuli, Agstafa, Agdam, Terter and Guzdek (Baku).

Responding to requests received from Local Executive Authorities, Police Stations, Municipalities, villagers and different entities ANAMA conducted Emergency operations in Aghdam, Agjabedi, Barda, Baki, Beyleqan, Ganja, Fizuly, Ter ter, Qazakh, Goranboy, Agstafa, Goy gol, Shemkir, Yevlakh regions as well as in Baku and Sumgayit cities of Azerbaijan. The Team also responds to the requests from humanitarian aid organizations as well as local companies having projects in mine/UXO contaminated regions.

Beside house clearance operations the Team had also started water wells clearance operations in Agdam region after receiving special training on "water well clearance operations/techniques" by ANAMA TSQAD. This operation is aimed at mine/UXO subsurface clearance of water wells for their further safe reconstruction by the local executive authorities.