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In line with mine and UXO clearance operations in war affected areas and in former military testing ranges, the Humanitarian Mine Action activities also include single EOD operations aimed at removing explosive items causing direct threat to civilians and restricting access to facilities and infrastructures. 

Being included into the State Socio – Economic Development Program of the Regions of Azerbaijan, ANAMA coordinates its activities with the Cabinet of Ministers where Single EOD operation task are channeled through the Cabinet in order to centralize the regional activities and keep local stakeholders updated. 

  • Reported originally by the Local Executive Authorities of Agjabedi region, ANAMA was tasked by the Cabinet to remove a UXO found in a house yard belonging to a villager in Mirzehagverdili village of the region. Giving high priority to such operations and considering the direct hazard caused by explosive items to the civilians ANAMA rapidly responds to these kinds of requests. The particular task was received and processed on the same day of 5 February 2016 by RA mine clearance team which operates as a subcontractor in south-western regions of Azerbaijan.
  • On 15 February ANAMA tasked IEPF Mine Clearance Team which operates as a subcontractor in East-Western region of Azerbaijan for conducting single EOD operation in a local road called Delimemmedly - Sarov located in Goranboy region. As an immediate action the Team removed 9 (nine) UXOs that were causing hazard to the end users. The items were safely stored at temporary explosive storage facilities for further destruction.
  • In response another single EOD task as of 16 February 2016 the EOD Team of ANAMA removed and destroyed unexploded ordnance in an area called Ceyranchel located in Shemkir region. As preventive measure the team visually checked the area for existence of any other items. The item was initially reported to relevant local structures by a villager.

All above mentioned task were successfully processed and found items were safely removed and destroyed in accordance with relevant SOPs.