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Chairman of National Committee for Rehabilitation and Demining His Royal Highness Prince Mired Rad Zaid al Hossain of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan who is on a visit to Azerbaijan to participate at the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action as well as the UN Resident Coordinator and the UNDP Resident Representative in the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ghulam M. Isaczai and the Director of ANAMA Mr. Gazanfar Ahmadov have visited the recently liberated Jojug Marjanly village of Jabrayil region on 19 July 2018.


During his visit, His Royal Highness Prince Mired Rad Zaid al Hossain was accompanied by the representative of State Committee for Affairs of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and the Heads of Local Executive Authorities of both Fizuly and Jabrayil regions.  The respected delegates were briefed on the history of cruel invasion of the Armenian troops and the total destruction that was followed by the occupation of the village. As the remaining villages and settlements of Jabrayil village that are still under the occupation, the Jojug Marjanly village was given to fire after being destroyed by Armenian militants that occupied it in 1993. As a result of successful “Horadiz” operation that took place in early 1994 by Azerbaijani troops, the village was liberated, nevertheless, the village was not open for civil life due to its location that was making it as an easy target from Lala Tapa hill controlled by Armenian troops up until April 2016.  Right after the liberation of “Lala Tapa” hill by Azerbaijani Armed Forces on April 2016, the Jojug Marjanly village became safe for restoring the civil life in it. The briefing continued with the information on Development and Rehabilitation work implemented as per the Decree of the President of Azerbaijan the task that started from humanitarian demining operations by ANAMA to provide safe land and confidence for further rehabilitation of normal life. The village is now fully rehabilitated and all the infrastructures are rebuilt.


It was underlined that as per the decree of the President of Azerbaijan for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Jojug Marjanly village, ANAMA has cleared 3,520,108 sq.m of hazardous land (352 HA) where 253 mines and UXOs were found and destroyed. In order to provide the villagers with proper cultivating and grazing land, the fertile land around the village was cleared from mines and explosive devices as well.

It was also brought to attention that at the initial stage of rehabilitation of Jojug Marjanly village after its total destruction, there were 50 houses, a school and relevant infrastructures built in the village. Fifty native families from the village have repatriated to the village.  The agricultural facilities are provided with irrigation canals. During the second phase of rehabilitation, there were 100 houses, a kinder garden, medical point, cultural and public facilities, post office and other necessary infrastructures built in order to facilitate remaining families from Jojug Marjanly village.

During his meeting with the villagers, His Royal Highness expressed his pleasure of visiting Azerbaijan for the second time and has congratulated the villagers with their newly rebuilt village and wished them the glory and happiness in their prosperous life in the native village.

The delegates have also visited the secondary school building and the village Mosque that in its architecture resembles the old Shusha Mosque that is under occupation in Shusha region. It has been mentioned that the Armenian aggressors committed ethnic cleansing by removing the ethnic Azerbaijanis from their native land where their grand fathers and their fathers were living. It has also been mentioned that the destruction of historical, religious monuments tombs are the other intolerable deeds that the Armenians occupants have caused to Azerbaijan. The construction of a similar Mosque is only to imitate the original one and not to replace it.




His Royal Highness Prince Mired and the delegates have also visited the family house of Oqtay Haziyev, who has been living in Jojug Marjanly village throughout the 24 years of its isolation from civil life. 

His Royal Highness has mentioned in his interview: “I am very glad to be here, in a small but lovely village of Jojug Marjanly that is fully rehabilitated and reconstructed. This is the Achievement of the Government of Azerbaijan and I wish all the best and peace for the friendly country.”

On his turn, Mr. Gazanfar Ahmadov the Director of ANAMA has mentioned that His Royal Highness Prince Mired Rad Zaid al Hossain of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has participated at the 20th Anniversary of the Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action “ANAMA”. The visit of his Royal Highness to Jojuq Marjanly village is to get familiarized with the demining activities that have led to a safe and timely reconstruction and rehabilitation plans to be realized. The rapid and immediate response to the Jojug Marjanly task, has proven once again that upon its liberation of the occupied territories, the Government of Azerbaijan with its Mine Action and Infrastructure capacities will successfully implement the demining, rehabilitation and development works in Nagorno Karabakh region by which a safe and necessary facilities will be provided to the natives of the region that are now living as internally displaced people.