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On 27 June 2007, Mr. Bruno Pouezat, UN Resident Coordinator, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Resident Representative paid its first visit to ANAMA to discuss the current status of mine action program and future plans for cooperation within the program. During the meeting at ANAMA HQs, Mr. Nazim Ismaylov, Agency Director provided Mr. Pouezat with brief information on agency's activities, recent achievements, projects implemented to date and main points of national mine action strategy. He specially emphasized the support provided by UNDP which allowed Agency to visibly develop the national mine action capacity and address the number of priority directions within ANAMA strategy plan. ANAMA documentary illustrating all the aspects of mine action activity in the country was presented to Mr. Pouezat. During the discussions Mr. Pouezat noted the progress reached by Agency to this date and stated that it should be effective to create the opportunities for regional cooperation in this sphere and to share ANAMA experience and expertise with other interested countries within mine action community. He mentioned that UNDP has an intention to further assist the efforts on mine action activity in Azerbaijan through improvement of cooperation with ANAMA and implementation of new initiatives on mine action which is the part of overall reconstruction and rehabilitation activities conducted on the war-affected areas.