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The joint NATO and ANAMA project on the identification and destruction of all surface and immediate subsurface UXO and explosive hazards in the former military base near Saloglu village (Aghstafa district, Azerbaijan) successfully continuous. Number of monitoring and re-assessment missions conducted by NAMSA experts jointly with ANAMA confirmed that launching of the third phase is required to meet the challenges posed by extremely high level of UXO contamination in Saloglu area. Thus, according to preliminary evaluations the third phase will extend over 27-30 months with the budget of about EUR 1.9 mln. to fulfill the goals of the project. As of today, within the third phase of the project 5.683.769 sqm of land was cleared subsurface and 4.588.771 sqm surface and 447.338 UXO found. ANAMA by the gained means from the selling of gathered non-ferrous metals from the sites reconstructed the building of the UXO operator, who was killed as a result of uxo explosion in Saloglu, in 2007.