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On 11 February 2010, ANAMA has signed a contract with a Turkish Company Nokta, on provision of training, monitoring and QA/QC services to Nokta Company. In 2009 Nokta Company has won the tender announced by the Turkish Government on clearance of mine affected territories along Turkey-Syria border in Gaziantep settlement of Karkamish area. The total size of mine field is 660.000 sqm and it is mined by antitank mines and antipersonnel mines with minimum metallic content. The duration of the project is 10 months. Currently ANAMA operational experts are deployed to Karkamish area to carry out Basic Humanitarian Demining Training for Turkish recruits which is the first phase in the implementation of the project. Upon completion of the training ANAMA will provide permanent QA services for Nokta Company to ensure that demining operations carried out by Turkish deminers are inline with the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS). The final stage of the project would be deployment of the ANAMA QC Team to carry out final sampling of some 10% of the total cleared area in accordance with IMAS. As a provider of a QA/QC for this demining project, ANAMA will issue clearance certificates for the cleared area once all requirements of IMAS have been met.