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ANAMA Operations Officer Mr. Tural Mammadov participated in Explosive Remnants of War Senior Managers Training Course 2009 held in Jordan from 11 October to 5 November 2009. Based on the campus of the United Nations University in Amman, Jordan the course coordinated by the National Committee for De-mining and Rehabilitation of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and drawn on experts from the entire United Nation system, James Madison University, Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian De-mining, International Committee of the Red Cross, and the international NGO community in its delivery. Applying a unique blend of theoretical, methodological, and rich case-study materials, the Explosive Remnants of War Training Course (ERW-TC) provided first-class instruction on the design and management of national owned responses to the presence of landmines and ERW. The key academic partner in the delivery of the TC was James Madison University (JMU) of Virginia, USA. JMU has provided mine action training on behalf of UNDP and the US Departments of State and Defense for the past 8 years. The Mine Action Information Center (MAIC) at JMU, is an accredited US center of higher education and has proven expertise and experience in educating ERW managers from around the world. Importantly, as there exists a great deal of regional field experience the course was global in scope and was open to 30 participants at a time. The language of instruction was English and operated for 6 weeks; 2 weeks via long-distance education prior to arrival in Amman, followed by 4 weeks of in-residence lectures, group work, and field exercises in Jordan. The course was organized by National Committee for De-mining and Rehabilitation. The role of JMU was to provide the necessary theoretical management foundations on which a sound understanding of the processes and methods that was delivered by the UNMAT and GICHD field staff could be better understood. Drawing from the JMU College of Business, JMU led general lectures in the areas of programme management, control processes, and strategic planning. Staff from the MAIC also provided support in the group exercise work. The course covered 30 different Senior Managers from 20 Mine Affected Countries.