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On April 9, 2010 the Danish Refugee Council representatives - Mr. Stephan Maurer, Regional Representative, Mr. Paul Mackintosh, Organization Development Advisor to the Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation and Mr. Teylor Suleymanov, Project Coordinator visited ANAMA HQs to get familiarize with national mine action activities. During the meeting ANAMA documentary was presented and detailed mine action activities implemented by the Agency was delivered to the guests. Organizing of 'Children Committees' in Fizuli, Aghdam districts, as well as in newly populated townships for refugees and those located in Sumgait city was the main goal of the representatives' visit. On April 14, 2010 MRE Department Manager, Mr. Musa Jalalov visited DRC office and met with Mr. T. Suleymanov, the Project Coordinator. They discussed the project that should be implemented by DRC on organization of free time for the refugee children from Agdam, Fuzuli, Agcabedi regions, including the refugees from mentioned regions settled in Baku and Sumgait cities. The Project duration will be 18 months. ANAMA's role in the very project will be: execution of safe behavior related MRE trainings, adaptation of the children to newly settled townships, ways of integration of the children to their peers and how to make the 'children committees' work effective so that they could influence the other children to take active part in daily life and all events in the community.       26.04.10 THE ORDER OF THE PRESIDENT OF AZERBAIJAN REPUBLIC The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed an order on awarding the following specialists of the Azerbaijan Republic construction industry with “Honorary Engineer” title for their valuable and successful activity in the construction industry: 1. Nazim Ismaylov 2. Ismayil Ismiyev 3. Ali Mamedov 4. Cefer Muxtarov 5. Agalar Veliyev       22.04.10 ITF VISIT TO ANAMA On 7 April, 2010 new appointed ITF director, Dorijan Marsic and ITF Project Manager Luka Buhin paid a visit to ANAMA HQs. The visit was mainly aimed at the familiarization with the mine action activities implemented in Azerbaijan. During the meeting the guests were briefed on agency's activities, recent achievements and the current status of the projects. Also within the frames of the visit key issues regarding the second phase of the "Community Based Small Business Trainings and Micro-credit Revolving Fund for Azerbaijan Mine Survivors" project, current partnership and possibilities for further cooperation between ANAMA and ITF was discussed.       03.04.10 INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR MINE AWARENESS AND ASSISTANCE IN MINE ACTION The International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action was declared by the UN General Assembly and observed in 2006 for the first time. It calls for continued efforts by states, with the assistance of the United Nations and relevant organizations, to foster the establishment and development of national mine-action capacities in countries where mines and explosive remnants of war constitute a serious threat to the safety, health and lives of the civilian population, or an impediment to social and economic development at the national and local levels. Landmines and explosive remnants of war continue to kill or injure as many as 6,000 people a year around the world today. The overwhelming majority of victims are civilians who trigger the devices years or even decades after a conflict has ended. Azerbaijan suffering from mine and UXO problem in a result of the military aggression of Armenia over Azerbaijan's territory. Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) was established by the Presidential Decree in July 1998 to coordinate the mine action program to deal with mine/UXO problem in the country through clearance of lands from mine/UXOs as well as implementation of Mine Risk Education and Mine Victim Support activities. Up to now 126,278,663 sqm of land was cleared and 604,661 UXOs have been destroyed. 123 training sessions for 2,335 teachers from 1200 schools in 24 districts have been conducted. 134 "MRE Committees" have been established in 9 targeted districts. According to the program 55 150 textbooks and more than 10 000 MRE materials have been distributed. Within the frames of Mine Victim Assistance activities - medical check and treatment in sanatorium, the carpet-weaving workshop formed for disabled people and their family members, integration of mine victims into society through vocational rehabilitation and facilitating income generation for their families, distribution of wheelchairs for mine disabled persons, the Community Based Small Business Trainings and Micro-credit Revolving Fund for Azerbaijan Mine Survivors Projects are being implemented. To commemorate April 4, ANAMA organized briefing on mine action activities in Azerbaijan. The venue was in ANAMA operational work sites located in Guzdek settlement of Garadakh region, which is 30 km away from Baku. The Charge d'affaires of the US Embassy in Azerbaijan, Mr. Donald Lu, Ambassador of Jordan, Mr. Adel Mohammed Adaileh, UNDP Resident Representative, a.i. Ms. Noura Hamladji, representatives of Lithuania, Switzerland, Japan, Turkey Embassies, OSCE, UNICEF, ICRC, IOM representatives, as well as Ministries of Internal and Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Emergency Situations and Ministry of National Security participated in the event. ANAMA Director Mr. Nazim Ismaylov welcomed the guests and briefed the participants on mine clearance operations in Azerbaijan. After the briefing the guests acquainted themselves with the training equipments organized by TSQA Division and Mine Risk Education corner set by MRE Department. ANAMA demonstrated its manual clearance operations, as well as, mechanical demining (Bozena5 medium flail machine and EOD BOT). UNDP Resident Representative, a.i. Ms. Noura Hamladji, has invited to push a button on a blast machine to blow up mine and unexploded ordnances found during the clearance operations in Guzdek. All these activities will allow once again to highlight the importance of the Day and to keep the cause in the spotlight in Azerbaijan where the challenges in this field are very acute. The meeting closed with a Director's interview to TV channels and Info Agencies.       02.04.10 VISIT OF NEW APPOINTED PM/WRA PROGRAM MANAGER TO ANAMA During the period of 29-31 March 2010, US Department of State Program Manager, Ms. Katherine Baker paid a visit to ANAMA. The goal of the visit was to get acquaintance with mine clearance operations in Azerbaijan. The program of the visit covered regional trips to Fizuli, Horadiz Regional Base for familiarization with MDD facilities and was informed ongoing operational activities. On 29 March the guest visited Mine Action Resource and Training Center in ANAMA Goygol Regional Base. On 30 March Ms. Katherine Baker paid a visit to the carpet-weaving workshop formed for disabled people and their family members in Ganja city. At the same day, the representative took place in the opening of Terter Regional Vocational Training Center (VTC). The main purpose of establishing the Tartar Regional Vocational Training Centre is to provide people affected by war and their family members, mine victims, poor families, refugees and IDPs with new jobs, to help graduates of VTC in designing sustainable means of making profits, and to involve them in all fields of society developmental processes. Trained in VTC people will be mastered professions in 4 directions - carpentry, advertisement-design and domestic decoration, bakery, and growing seedlings. IEPF will support trained people with job provisions and placements, at the completion of trainings. 3 trainers, 1 international advisor, 2 managers will work in the centre. Ms. K. Baker mentioned that IEPF had implemented several MVA projects. Those projects were financially supported by the PM/WRA as to support MV is one of the mail goals of the US Department of State in provision of assistance in humanitarian demining. She expressed her delight with the construction of three-storey training centre and wished success to the project staff in their future activities. Within the frame of the visit, on 31 March 2010, US Department of State Program Manager visited Guzdek settlement of Garadagh region and got acquainted with ongoing operations. After the trip to Guzdek settlement, the guest had a meeting with ANAMA Director, where she had widely informed about all mine action activities, short and long term strategy of the Agency.         01.04.10 ANAMA PARTICIPATED IN THE 13TH INTERNATIONAL MEETING OF NATIONAL MINE ACTION DIRECTORS AND UN ADVISORS On March 15-19, 2010 ANAMA Director Mr. Nazim Ismaylov participated in the 13th International Meeting of National Mine Action Directors and UN Advisors, held in Geneva, Switzerland. This meeting brought together officials from over 40 mine-affected countries, as well as representatives from the United Nations, national and international NGOs, commercial companies and donors. Topics of relevance to national mine action authorities and field operators were discussed during the week. The presentation reflecting Recourse Mobilization and Management was delivered to the participant by ANAMA representatives. During the course of the visit ANAMA Director also held the bilateral meetings with the representatives of GICHD, UNDP Mine Action Team, CROMAC and ITF to discuss a number of questions including further cooperation, provision of regional mine action trainings.       27.03.10 ANAMA SUPPORTS CLEARANCE OPERATIONS AT THE TURKEY-SYRIA BORDERLINE On 11 February 2010, ANAMA has signed a contract with a Turkish Company Nokta, on provision of training, monitoring and QA/QC services to Nokta Company. In 2009 Nokta Company has won the tender announced by the Turkish Government on clearance of mine affected territories along Turkey-Syria border in Gaziantep settlement of Karkamish area. The total size of mine field is 660.000 sqm and it is mined by antitank mines and antipersonnel mines with minimum metallic content. The duration of the project is 10 months. Currently ANAMA operational experts are deployed to Karkamish area to carry out Basic Humanitarian Demining Training for Turkish recruits which is the first phase in the implementation of the project. Upon completion of the training ANAMA will provide permanent QA services for Nokta Company to ensure that demining operations carried out by Turkish deminers are inline with the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS). The final stage of the project would be deployment of the ANAMA QC Team to carry out final sampling of some 10% of the total cleared area in accordance with IMAS. As a provider of a QA/QC for this demining project, ANAMA will issue clearance certificates for the cleared area once all requirements of IMAS have been met.       10.03.10 VISIT OF GICHD DIRECTOR AND TECHNOLOGY OFFICER TO ANAMA On 1-5 March, 2010 the Director of the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD), Ambassador Stephan Husy, the Team Leader for the mechanical demining section as well as the GICHD's technology officer, Mr. Erik Tollefsen and ANAMA representative undergoing an internship program at GICHD, Mss. Nigar Vahabova paid an official visit to ANAMA. The main goal of the visit of respected humanitarian demining organization in the world, GICHD representatives to ANAMA was to familiarize with ANAMA activities, mine action program in Azerbaijan, national and international training implemented by ANAMA and to discuss future cooperation perspectives. Within the frames of the visit the delegation paid a visit to Guzdek settlement of Garadagh region to observe abandoned ammunition storage area clearance operations in situ. After the briefing and observation, Ambassador Stephan Husy has been invited to on site demolition control point to carry out demolition of some one hundred ordinances found during clearance operations. Mr. Husy has personally conducted demolition by pushing a button on a blast machine. On 3 March, 2010 GICHD representatives and Ambassador of Switzerland to Azerbaijan, H.E. Mr. Alan Guidetti made a trip to Fuzuli, where they have participated in the tests of the magnet attachment for Bozena 5 desinged to collect metal objects from the mechanically prepared land. The tests are held in accordance with the Memorandum between ANAMA and Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining. On 4 March, 2010 the guests had an official meetings with UNDP Deputy Resident Coordinator Ms. Noura Hamladji and Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Abid Sharifov.       09.03.10 ICRC REPRESENTATIVES VISITED ANAMA On February 4, 2010, ICRC Protection Coordinator, Mrs. Sylvie Graenicher and Regional Forensic Advisor, Mrs. Megan Bassendale paid a visit to ANAMA HQs. There were discussions on identification of war missing people. Human remains might also be discovered during mine clearance operations and this subject was the main goal of ICRC representatives' visit to ANAMA, to inform demining organizations on such finding and to coordinate with them in this direction. The representatives presented a blank - Report on finding of human remains and ANAMA director noted that this form will be distributed among ANAMA operational staff in case of such findings.       09.03.10 ANAMA HOSTED UNDP AZERBAIJAN REPRESENTATIVES On 18 February 2010, UNDP Cluster Team Leader for Governance and Crisis Prevention, Ms. Verena Linneweber and Senior Programme Adviser, Team Leader for Crisis Prevention and Recovery, Mr. Shamil Rzayev paid a visit to ANAMA HQs. During the meeting ANAMA Director briefed the guests on ongoing activities and trainings provided by ANAMA for national and international specialists. The main purpose of the visit was the exchange of views of the report on the feasibility of ANAMA establishing an International Center for Mine Action in ANAMA Goygol Regional base.       09.03.10 IMMAP REPRESENTATIVES IN ANAMA On 19 February 2010, ANAMA hosted the guests from the Explosive Remnants of War Coordination Centre - ERWCC of Georgia. Program Manager of Information Management Mine Action Program in Georgia (IMMAP), Mr. Randy Kerel, Senior Information Management/GIS technical Advisor & iMMAP European Representative, Mr. Petri Nevelinen and Landmine Cluster Munitions Monitor Editor/Researcher, Mr. Emil Hasanov met with ANAMA Director. ANAMA Director informed the guests about the achievements gained up to date and development phases of Azerbaijan Mine Action Programme. The purpose of the visit was to get familiarization with ANAMA activities and experience and get a feasibility study regarding future cooperation with ANAMA on conducting trainings for Georgians by ANAMA.       09.03.10 MACCA VISIT TO ANAMA According to the task given from the Government of Azerbaijan for provision of non-military support to Afghanistan, ANAMA hosted guests from Mine Action Coordination Center of Afghanistan (MACCA). On 20-27 February, 2010 MACCA Deputy Program Manager, Ms. Susan Helseth, MACCA MRE Projects Coordinator, Mr. Samim Hashimi and Afghanistan Ministry of Education Mine Action Advisor, Mr. Mutahar Shah Akhgar met with ANAMA Director and specialists. The main goal of delegations' visit is to coordinate implementation of some pilot projects, such as MRE and Middle Management Training Course for Afghanistan DMC representatives and to discuss further plans with ANAMA. As a part of ANAMA initiative, by the printing support of Azerbaijan Republic Ministry of Education, ANAMA will organize translation of MRE books to English and Farsi and integrate of MRE into curriculum of Afghanistan schools. The visit of agenda had covered regional trips to Fuzuli and Goygol regional Bases, Resource Center in Ganja city ran by the "Ojag" Humanitarian Association within the project on reintegration of mine survivors into society. Within the frame of the visit to Fuzuli region, the delegation had opportunity to pay a visit to one of the schools in Fuzuli, meet with pedagogical staff and put questions on safe behavior rules among children. Another part of the visit was dedicated to the official meetings with representatives of UNDP, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A short review from MACCA visit to ANAMA was broadcasted in Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting Closed Joint-Stock Company.       05.01.10 INFORMATION MANAGEMENT TRAINING COURSE FOR THE REPUBLIC OF GEORGIA ANAMA and the International Trust Fund for Demining and Mine Victims Assistance based on their previous experience in cooperation in all aspects of humanitarian mine action activities, jointly implements the project on provision of mine action training support to the Republic of Georgia. From 21 January until 29 January 2010, at the Agency's Goygol Regional Training Base ANAMA training specialists conduct training courses for the 8 personnel from the Ministry of Defence of Georgia. This project is implemented as a part of the Fund's strategy on extension and expansion of Georgian regional mine action related endeavours in the South Caucasus region. The initiative is launched in accordance with the request received from the Government of Georgia, particularly the Ministry of Defence, which expressed the interest in participation of their military personnel in humanitarian mine action training courses provided by ANAMA for future involving of this personnel in all aspects of humanitarian mine action activities in Georgia. At the end of the course Completion Certificates were delivered to the Georgian specialists.       05.01.10 ANAMA SPECIALISTS VISITED SWEDISH COMPANY ARNE NORDSTROMS MECHANICAL INC. For development purposes of the national training and de-mining capacity ANAMA had purchased 3 sets of very effective electronic Anti Personal trip-wire initiated fragmentation land-mine simulator BT-R200 and Anti Personal blast land-mine simulator BT-R400 from Swedish company Arne Nordstroms Mechanical Inc. These 3 wireless training sets consisting of 10 land mines in each one control device allow instructors to conduct more realistic training and evaluation of existing de-mining personnel. On 24-31 January, 2010 ANAMA TSQAD leader Mr. Elnur Gasimov and ANAMA Logistic and Procurement Officer Mr. Gazanfar Ahmadov made a visit to Arne Nordstroms Mechanical Inc. factory in Sweden for observing the process of production of the training wireless Improvised Explosive Device. ANAMA specialists satisfied with the product during the testing of the prototype, and as a result of the visit to this Company ANAMA signified its consent to purchase the first set of the Training Improvised Explosive Multifunctional Device.       05.01.10 TEST OF MAGNET COLLECTOR FOR BOZENA 5 Testing Officer Mr. P.Blomander of SWEDEC visited Azerbaijan from 18 to 22 January 2010 to participate in the tests of magnet attachment to Bozena 5 for collecting metal items held in accordance to the Memorandum between ANAMA and Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining. The attachment is undergoing a test in demining operations done by ANAMA in Fuzuli region. Designed for two month test is targeted in determining the efficiency of metal collector magnet in real condition during mechanical demining. Based on the results of the test there will be relevant recommendations prepared for organizations involved in humanitarian demining about the exploitation and if necessary about the changes needed in the construction of the attachment .       05.01.10 US DOS PROVIDED A GRANT OF 1, 2 MILLION USD TO MINE CLEARANCE IN AZERBAIJAN The Department of State, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement, (PM/WRA), provided a grant of 1, 2 million USD to Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action to support three projects of ANAMA - "Humanitarian Demining Emergency Response Team", "UXO clearance of Guzdek settlement of Garadakh region" and "Mine/UXO Survivor Assistance". "Humanitarian Demining Emergency Response Team" - the funding requested under this project supports involvement of ERT in humanitarian demining operations with an emphasis on rapid response to emergency requests from the local population and national and international organizations based in mine affected regions of Azerbaijan on providing safe residential environment and areas suitable for the return of IDPs. The key output of the project is unrestricted use of land for the rehabilitation, reconstruction and economic development of affected regions of Azerbaijan. "UXO clearance of Guzdek settlement of Garadakh region" - the project covers checking, clearance, removal and destruction of UXO; clearance of mine affected territories with further disposal of items found. The project envisages the clearance of 370,000 sq.m. of contaminated land in total. The contribution of the Government of Azerbaijan constitutes 37% and contributions of US DoS covers 63% of the total project budget. "Mine/UXO Survivor Assistance" - the specific project objective is to provide medical treatment and rehabilitation to survivors identified through the 2004 Countrywide Mine Survivors Needs Assessment Survey. The key output of the project is approximately 140 mine/UXO survivors receive diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation services. The contribution of the Government of Azerbaijan constitutes 20% and contributions of US DoS covers 80% of the total project budget.