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Mine Victims Assistance, as a part of the National Strategic Plan, envisages the further development of activities aimed to social-economic reintegration of MV and the war-affected regions. 50 MV received and 25 MV will receive the micro-credits (on May 2010) through the Social-Economic Reintegration Project for MV (2010-2012). This project is the continuation of the successfully implemented pilot Micro-Credits project in 2007-2009. As part of the National Capacity Building Program, the NGO Chirag included to this project, as the second implementing partner. 37 MV received (Jan-Apr) and 20 MV will receive (in May) the treatment through the Medical Care Project for MV (Jan-Jul 2010). This project based on experience of the Medical Care Project conducted in 2006. Considering the further developing of the MVA program, ANAMA planning the conduction of The Countrywide Needs Assessment Survey. As the start point of the national Mine Victims Assistance (MVA) program, the NA Survey is the essential information database for the all the VA projects in Azerbaijan. Since 2004, eight (8) MVA project were implemented, three (3) are ongoing. From 2006 to 2010 were shown different kind of support to about 745 MV and their family members. The necessity to update the existing (2004) database comes from the further successful MVA programs development. The draft Project Proposal is elaborated. In the frame of MVA program, is elaborating the Vocational Rehabilitation Project for MV in Imishli region.