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The Foundation World Without Mines aims to break the vicious circle initiated by the planting of mines by supporting local organizations in detecting, registering and removing landmines and unexploded ordnance. It encourages the local population to help themselves by means of instruction, training and technical support. The prime aims of all these measures are to prevent accidents with casualties and to enable people to live normal lives in the vicinity of mines. The purpose of the Foundation is to support humanitarian and charitable institutions and projects dedicated to demining and to the rehabilitation of victims of war. The first initiative on involvement of the Swiss Organization ''Foundation World Without Mines'' (WWM) into mine action activity in Azerbaijan started with the WWM-ANAMA joint project. On August 2007 ANAMA has signed an agreement with the WWM on the support to ANAMA Emergency Response Team and Operational Coordination and Control. 209 595 USD allocated to the implementation of the Project will allow to ensure the procurement of special equipment and enable ERT to conduct operational acitvity for 12 months. The main goal of the Project is to provide the required assistance to ERT in order to address urgent requests for the clearance of mine and UXOs from house and surrounding areas continuously getting from local affected communities. From 12 November to 14 November 2007, the Project Manager of WWM, Mrs. Monique Bolay paid a visit to the regional bases of the Agency to monitor the operational activities of the Emercency Response Team in situ. Mrs. Bolay conducted assessment mission on houses and surrounding areas clearance operations implemented by ERT in Ashagi Kurdmahmudlu and Teze Kend villages of Terter region. During the visit the presentation on Emercency Response Team acitivity by ANAMA ERT supervisor, Habil Ceferov was delivered to the guest. On 14 November 2007, Mrs Bolay visited Khanlar regional base where the detailed presentation reflecting Technical Quality Assurance operations was presented. Within the frames of the visit to Khanlar the guest observed ANAMA's training facilities and TQA training materials warehouse.