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The Mine Action Technology Workshop jointly organized by GICHD and UNMAS was held at the GICHD on September 8 -10 2008. Two ANAMA specialists have attended the meeting along with 75 participants from 35 countries. The workshop has mainly hosted specialists directly involved into operational activity as well as experts of the companies which manufacture special mine action equipment. On September 9, ANAMA UXO Operations Officer, Parviz Gidayev made a presentation covered the main aspects of operational activity conducted within the Saloglu Project on Clearance of UXO in Azerbaijan which is currently implemented by ANAMA and NATO/NAMSA. He has stressed the point that the main challenges and negative factors faced within the Project have been addressed due to the update technologies and innovative methods used by ANAMA. During the second presentation ANAMA Regional Operations Manager, Javid Mekhraliyev presented the detailed information on new methodologies and techniques for area reduction and survey operations applied by Agency within Zobjuq Clearance Project. This forum has allowed the various mine action actors once again to come together in order to share knowledge and experience, to assess achievements and inventions, to discuss the challenges and discover the ways to meet the problems occurring during practical implementation of mine action activity.