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On 18 December 2007, ANAMA signed an agreement with the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society on the data collection on incidents caused by mines and explosive remnants of war. Also, this data will include information about the needs of mine survivors. The goal of the established cooperation between the ANAMA and the AzRCS is to protect the civilian population living in mine affected areas from mines/ERW and respond to the needs arising from incidents and their direct consequences. The AzRCS through its developed network of the local branches throughout the country especially in mine-affected areas will collect the data on the incidents and mine survivor's and forward it to ANAMA. This cooperation will enhance the existing mine-awareness work of ANAMA bearing the overall responsibility for mine action activities in Azerbaijan. Systematic collection and analysis of incident and victim data is essential for planning of mine action activities. In 2005, the International Committee of the Red Cross in cooperation with the ANAMA held first workshop for representatives of AzRCS in raising the awareness of the risk posed by mines. Since 2005, the AzRCS with the support of the ICRC has been involved in construction of 35 safe play areas for children living in mine-affected regions to provide children with places where they can play without fear of mines and ERW. The signing ceremony took place at the International Press Center and received wide media coverage by a number of information agencies, leading newspapers and TV stations.