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Mine destroyed … Life rescued

On 10 March 2004, the Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) hosted a Donors Briefing on Mine Action situation in Azerbaijan. The main goal was to provide the donor community as well as the representatives of the donor countries and international organizations, key related government agencies and NGOs with the achievements in mine action and plans for future. The Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Abid Sharifov, UN Resident Coordinator, UNDP Resident Representative Mr. Marco Borsotti and Mr. Nazim Ismaylov, Director of ANAMA chaired the Briefing. In his opening speech Mr. Ismaylov welcomed the participants and thanked everybody for increased interest in mine action problem in Azerbaijan. He provided the history of mine action started from the establishment of the joint project of the Government of Azerbaijan and UNDP. ANAMA Director emphasized over US$10 mln. mobilized since the inception of mine action programme in Azerbaijan. Touching upon the existence of mine and UXO threat in Azerbaijan, the Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Abid Sharifov in his speech emphasized the importance of mine action activities for the population living in contaminated communities along the cease fire and border line territories of the country. Mr. Sharifov called all the countries to join the donors and theGovernment of Azerbaijan and to contribute to resolving mine problem vital for Azeri population. Talking about the contributions, the Deputy Prime Minister highly appreciated the contributions by the Governments of USA, Japan, Norway, Canada, Switzerland, United Kingdom, European Commission and the Government of Italy that joined mine action in Azerbaijan in year 2003. Mr. Marco Borsotti, UN Resident Coordinator, UNDP Resident Representative, appreciated the achievements in mine action to date and invited all nations to take due attention to Azerbaijan problem and once again declared the commitment of UNDP to continue the assistance to mine action in Azerbaijan. "Each neutralized mine, each destroyed UXO means someone's rescued life or protected health" message has been sounded in the documentary prepared on ANAMA mine action activities and presented reflecting the stages of the development of Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action in Azerbaijan. The Presentation demonstrated by ANAMA later contained the broad information on a problem itself and the ways it is being resolved. The annual report 2003 and the work plan 2004 were covered as well. Active discussions took place at the end of the presentation. Mr. Toshiyuki Fujiwara, the Ambassador of Japan to Azerbaijan made a speech where he came up with funding issues and reported the commitment of the Government of Japan to continue contribution to mine action in Azerbaijan in 2004 within the "Grass Roots" projects. Mr. Araz Azimov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic in his speech talked about the close cooperation established between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ANAMA and highly appreciated contributions by donors that increase year by year. The Donors Briefing received wide media coverage. Information on the Briefing was issued by 8 Information Agencies (over 12 newspapers) and 7 TV Stations (AzTV, ATV, Lider, Space, Iran TV, TRT, STV). ANAMA Press Service