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ANAMA and the International Trust Fund for Demining and Mine Victims Assistance based on their previous experience in cooperation in all aspects of humanitarian mine action activities, jointly implements the project on provision of mine action training support to the Republic of Georgia. From 21 January until 29 January 2010, at the Agency's Goygol Regional Training Base ANAMA training specialists conduct training courses for the 8 personnel from the Ministry of Defence of Georgia. This project is implemented as a part of the Fund's strategy on extension and expansion of Georgian regional mine action related endeavours in the South Caucasus region. The initiative is launched in accordance with the request received from the Government of Georgia, particularly the Ministry of Defence, which expressed the interest in participation of their military personnel in humanitarian mine action training courses provided by ANAMA for future involving of this personnel in all aspects of humanitarian mine action activities in Georgia. At the end of the course Completion Certificates were delivered to the Georgian specialists.