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One of the main terms for the overall activities conducted by ANAMA is the observance of the key implementation principles of safety, efficiency and effectiveness. All ANAMA strategy is built on these principles and new objectives outlined within the Operational plan for 2008 generated the necessity to modify the existing Agency’s operational structure to meet the challenges ahead. Thus, ANAMA training and quality assurance team (TQAT) will be transformed to Training, Quality Assurance and Survey Division to be responsible not only for identification of training needs of the field staff and delivering specific training and refresh training, conducting monitoring procedures and control QA/QC operations but also will implement resurvey operations on targeted suspected hazardous areas (SHA) to cancel/release land. These changes will help to address a new operational methodologies and approaches, and prepare a substantive base for elaboration of appropriate operational standards to ensure the effective and safe methods for releasing land from mines and UXOs. Another change took place within ANAMA Operations Department’s structure. In connection with the fact that ANAMA Operations Manager Mr. Emil Hasanov has left Agency, Mr. Samir Poladov (former Operations Officer) was appointed for Operations Manager position.