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WATER CLEARANCE PROJECT (click to download movie)

Mine and UXOs problem in Azerbaijan beside other preventions also prevents access to in irrigation and water resources. A special training is needed to perform clearance operations in isolated water canals and water wells. Considering that the water wells clearance operations to be commenced at first place the Training Survey and Quality Assurance Team of ANAMA conducted "Water wells clearance operations" training for six deminers of Emergency Response Team at Goy-gol Regional Training Base of ANAMA. It should be mentioned that, the Water Resources Project supports by the Department of State, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement, (PM/WRA). "Water Resources" - the funding requested under this project supports 7-man team responsible for implementation of humanitarian demining operations with an emphasis on provision of safe environmental conditions for local population in and around water sources such as rivers, springs, wells and irrigation canals. The contribution of the Government of Azerbaijan constitutes 21% and contributions of US DoS covers 79% of the total project budget.