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ANAMA have been represented at the Regional Seminar "Towards global coherence in addressing the problems caused by landmines, cluster munitions and explosive remnants of war" held on 26-28 June 2008 in Druskininkai (Lithuania). The Seminar has been hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the organization "Mine Action Canada". Importance of implementation of Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons and in particular its Protocol V, Challenges to the Mine Ban Treaty at its 10th anniversary, Solving the humanitarian problem of cluster munitions, Coherence of mechanisms for cooperation and assistance were the subjects of the four panel meetings. Panelists were from EU Council, NATO/NAMSA, UNMAS, UNODA, GICHD, ICBL and other organizations. Participants, mainly from CIS countries, attended discussions with great interest and provided information on status of particular subject in their countries. Though the Republic of Azerbaijan is not yet acceded to Ottawa Convention, CCW and some other disarmament initiatives due to the war because of the territorial claims of Armenia, considers participation at such a meetings for raising preparedness for accession to them. Coherence of mechanisms for cooperation and assistance were of much interest for ANAMA. Canada has presented this from a donor's perspective. UNMAS presented existing financing mechanisms and implementation schemes. EU tried to answer the question if the new framework of financing will contribute to "comprehensive approach" in mine action. NAMSA described projects in the region, dealing with the recipient country and future perspectives. ITF's presentation covered experience and plans to work in South Caucasus and Central Asia. UNODA emphasized a need to streamline reporting obligations. GICHD Implementation Support Unit put many questions on coherence in the implementation of international instruments that aim to address the humanitarian problems caused by conventional weapons. In general discussions ANAMA Information Manager Mr. Aziz Aliyev made a presentation on mine action activities in Azerbaijan and stated that his country has benefited of international and regional cooperation during years and now ANAMA proposes to establish International Training Center capable of building mine action capacity for countries of the region.