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Surveylab are pleased to announce Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) have ordered ikeGPS equipment for use in their activities identifying and dealing with landmines and unexploded ordnances. The innovative combination of GPS, camera, rangefinder and compass in ikeGPS make it the first choice for safely and easily mapping suspected mines and UXO by ANAMA field engineers. ANAMA's role in Azerbaijan is key to the continued clearance of mines and UXO throughout the areas affected by war. Their ongoing work continues to reduce the number of fatalities and accidents caused by mine explosions, and allow the return of IDPs (Internally displaced persons) to their homes and places of work. ANAMA's efforts also allow work on rehabilitation and reconstruction for infrastructure in Azerbaijan, and ensure food safety and income generating opportunities. "ikeGPS provides a robust and easy-to-use tool for our field staff," said ANAMA Director, Mr. Nazim Ismaylov. "With the ability to capture images and positions of UXO and mines as well as mine presence indicators from a safe distance, we expect ikeGPS will be a valuable tool for initial technical survey tasks." Leon Toorenburg, Surveylab CEO, said "We're proud to be associated with ANAMA and the work they are doing in Azerbaijan to identify and clear UXO and landmines. ikeGPS has a clear role to play in humanitarian demining and we are currently working with other demining organisations to integrate ikeGPS into their systems". About ANAMA: ANAMA was established July 18, 1998 by the Presidential Decree and is the executing agency of the Azerbaijan Mine Action Programme, the joint project of the Government of Azerbaijan and UNDP. ANAMA is responsible for planning and coordination, management and monitoring of mine action related activities throughout Azerbaijan. The project is designed to create indigenous capacity to undertake survey, mapping and clearance in currently liberated areas and to prepare for dealing with the mine and UXO problem in occupied areas after their liberation. To date, ANAMA has cleared more than 150 minefields and almost 450 battle areas - allowing 174,000 people to return to their homes. More than 300 landmines and almost 300,000 UXO's have been destroyed. About Surveylab: Surveylab, based in Wellington, New Zealand and Virginia, USA, develops and manufactures ikeGPS, the world's first integrated GPS/laser/camera device for GIS data capture. ikeGPS enables faster, safer, and more efficient data acquisition through Remote Photo Positioning: multiple targets up to 1000 meters distant can be accurately positioned from a single location, including targets in inaccessible or unsafe locations. ikeGPS produces a geotagged digital image of each target, with crosshairs showing precisely which target was captured and other relevant data superimposed right on the image - providing a new degree of speed, safety and verifiability in GIS data acquisition.