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New Trauma Kits enhanced ANAMA medical support system

On 5 April 2004 the new Trauma Kit Backpacks have been distributed by ANAMA to the field medical staff. These Backpacks procured by RONCO within US State Department budget for ANAMA and includes all necessary materials and drugs for First Aid rendering at the Advanced Trauma Life Support Level. The Backpacks have been designed to be used by trained medical personnel on worksites as the first line of survival. Trauma Kit Backpacks are man portable and made from rugged waterproof material. The outer and internal compartments provide logical organization of instruments, airway equipment, bandages, I.V equipment, diagnostic equipment, splints, burn dressings, etc. Each compartment ensures performance of the specific manipulations, such as oral and ET intubation, crycothyrotomy, pleural decompression, vascular access, oxygen supply, limb immobilization, etc. The goal of integration of the new Trauma Kits is to minimize the time required for on-site medical procedures, maximize victims survival and thus to ensure quick casualty evacuation to designated medical facility. All these give demining personnel the level of protection they need in emergencies and assurance in reliable medical support system .