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During the period of 26-31 October 2009 ANAMA hosted US Department of State Program Manager Ms. Deborah Netland and Program Manager of the Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement, Mr. Darren Manning. The visit mainly aimed at the evaluation and assessment of the Agency’s activities. The visit of agenda had covered regional trips to Fuzuli and Goygol Regional Bases, Saloglu village of Aghstafa region, Mine Victim Association in Terter region and Resource Center in Ganja city ran by the “Ojag” Humanitarian Association within the project on reintegration of mine survivors into society. On October 30, 2009 Ms. Deborah Netland, Mr. Darren Manning and Assistance Coordinator of US Embassy in Azerbaijan, Ms. Silvia Taylor paid a visit to ANAMA HQs. The meeting began with ANAMA Director’s briefing on the scope of mine problem and continued with the information operational plans and practical steps of the Government of Azerbaijan to resolve the mine and UXO problem in Azerbaijan. Mr. Ismaylov expressed his gratitude to US DoS and US Embassy in Azerbaijan for their support of mine action in Azerbaijan and appreciated US Government contributions to Abandoned Ammunition Storage Area clearance operations in support of the Saloglu Project. In her turn, Ms. Deborah Netland expressed her gratitude for well receiving and appreciated efforts of the Government of Azerbaijan in supporting mine action as well as expressed her belief that Azeri territories will be free from mines in near future. Moreover, Ms. Netland informed ANAMA that US DoS has committed to provide funding to support mine action in Azerbaijan in the year 2010 as well.