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On 2 July, 2007 NAMSA Major General Karl-Heinz Münzner with the accompanied delegation visited ANAMA's HQ. During the visit the guests met with ANAMA Director Mr.Nazim Ismaylov and the presentation on the Saloglu Project were delivered. During the presentation MG Karl-Heinz Münzner has put numerous questions demonstrating his unveiled interest to the Saloglu problem in Azerbaijan. It should be mentioned that the military ammunition warehouse located in Agstafa region, consisting of 138 bunkers, was the largest soviet warehouses in the South-Caucasus region. In 1991, when Azerbaijan regained independence, the warehouse was destroyed by the soviet army before departing. As the result of the explosion thousands pieces of UXO were scattered over a large area of 4,400 hectares. So, the joint NATO and ANAMA project on the identification and destruction of all surface and immediate subsurface UXO and explosive hazards in the former military base at Saloglu village, Agstafa district of Azerbaijan, started in January 2006. Within the First Phase of the Project 5.457.309 sqm have been cleared, 261.435 UXO have been located and 75,164 UXO destroyed. As a result of the operations the First Phase of the Project has been finished in May 2007. On June 1, 2007 the Second Phase of the Project started and extends for another 16 months. The Second Phase of the Saloglu Project covers the subsurface clearance operations in Red Zone with funding requirements of EUR 440,000. The Second Phase of the Project envisages 2.204.409 sqm contaminated land. Since the beginning of July 2007 101.575 sqm of land have been cleared and 1446 UXO have been located within the Second Phase. The main goal of the meeting was the monitoring of Saloglu Project and the discussion of the possibility to initiate the Third Phase of Saloglu Project within the further cooperation between ANAMA and NATO/NAMSA.