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The press conference held in Baku Office of the RIA Novosti and was the initiative of the "Dirchelish" ("Revival") Centre of Social and Psychological Rehabilitation for Youth and ANAMA. The public event has been organized by UNDPI and RIA Novosti Information Agency. Three mine victims from Qazax, Tovuz and Naxchivan participated at the conference. In his opening words the Dirchelish's Director Mr. Islam Bakhshaliyev said: "April 4 is designated by UN General Assembly as a day of remembrance for raising public awareness about the danger of landmines and explosive remnants of war"., Mr. Aziz Aliyev, Information Manager, ANAMA, presented the recent data on mine action activities conducted by the Agency and its partners. Ms. Envera Selimovic (UNDPI-Azerbaijan) called media representatives widely broadcast the problems of people suffered from the mines and unexploded ordnances. According to the Statement made by the UN General Secretary on occasion this Day, each year mine action programmers around the world are clearing landmines from more than 100 square kilometers of land and teaching more than 7 million people how to avoid danger in infested areas. These efforts have helped reduce casualty rates. Although nearly 6000 people fell victim to landmines and explosive remnants of war in 2007, these numbers are dramatically lower than they were only a few years ago. Still, the only acceptable casualty rate is zero. The press conference received wide media coverage by information agencies, leading newspapers and TV stations.