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Mine Victim Assistance

Activity on Mine Victim Assistance (MVA) is also assigned to the Department to be conducted with managerial guidance and information support.

MVA strategy developed within Azerbaijan Mine Action Programme is mainly aimed at joining efforts of national and international organizations in assisting disabled people, as well as in developing and implementing the long-term MVA plan in Azerbaijan. ANAMA has started MVA related activity in April 2002. The main goal of Mine Victim Assistance Program is to extend and coordinate activities of governmental and NGOs in providing support to disabled people in Azerbaijan in the field of assistance to mine/UXO survivors.

The Mine Survivors’ Needs Assessment survey, the start point of national MVA program, conducted in 2004. The information regarding Mine Survivors’ needs is entered into the database and plays favourable role to any MVA projects and statistics. The plan of activity MVA is possible and estimated in information department of ANAMA HQ. 
The continuation/third phase of the “The Community Based Small Business Trainings and Micro-credit Revolving Fund for Azerbaijan Mine Survivors” project started in the May of 2011.

Based on the business plans developed with the support of instructors, 88 survivors have given micro-credits forstart-up of their enterprises of small-scale businesses.

The Experience collected during 1st phase helped to carry out other part of the project more effectively. The project duration time prolonged up to 30 months. For the 2011 the number of beneficiaries-MV is 88 and the total credit amount 88000 AZN.

Following donators assigned the financing for the project: ANAMA, Austrian Development Agency, Baku International Rotary Club, Slovenia, Korea, and Glickenhaus Foundation (through MLI). 

The direction of MVA program in Azerbaijan is the MV integration in to the society. As a part of the National Capacity Building program/strategy NGO Chirag was included to this project as the second partner in realization with further transfers to it.

“Medical Examination and Treatment Procedures in Sanatorium” project began in the beginning of 2010. During 7 month 110 MV from 23 regions received full medical service package for 20 days. 

Because of successful realization the project “Treatment for MV in Sanatorium” in 2006, the NGO Chirag selected as the realization organization. 

Based on requirements 6 wheelchairs were distributed trough NGO Chirag to MV. One prosthetic replacement surgery conducted for MV was financed by ANAMA in 2010.

ANAMA continue to work with NGO “Ojag” in Ganja district. NGO Ojag has successfully finished training in carpeting and tailoring weaving project/programs supported by Marshall Legacy Institute and Rotary Club of Baku. ANAMA shows necessary support to Ojag Resource Center in Ganja in the project planning, weaving service of the equipment and transport.