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IMSMA GIS Functionality

IMSMA GIS functionality is a custom version of ArcView optimized by IMSMA designers for mine action. ArcView is a well-known desktop GIS, developed by ESRI (Redlands, California). It allows visualizing and analyzing mine action information (vector data) on maps and imagery (raster data). It has powerful tools for quering spatial data and is used all over the world by planning agencies, universities, corporations and any needing the exact geographical data.  

At different levels of planning, management and operational activity, it is necessary a variety of details (scale, features of area etc.), and it is caused by availability of maps. In concrete cases of data maps play illustrative enough role. Along with the sketches developed and used at operational level, ANAMA’s GIS basically exploits 1:50000 scale topographic maps of former USSR General Staff. The maps produced in 1970-1980s are being used in digitalized and georeferenced form. According to GICHD, the developer of the policy and doctrines of mine action information management, the choice is proved to be a good one. 

Space images can be used as reliable and most updated maps. Overlaying georeferenced hazardous areas onto the space image gives full advantage for leading team to define the correct place, thus avoiding them to draw any other schematic maps. The split-hair accuracy included in space images provides full sequence in accordance with GPS applications in research of mine field.