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The main responsibility of the Information Department consists in satisfying information requirements of ANAMA. These are timely and quality provision of mine action information for decision making and preparing of reports and this is being performed through the maintenance of the Information Management System for Mine Actions (IMSMA). The GIS software helps to analyze the geospatial aspects of mine problem and related mine action activities.

Data on areas with mine/UXO threat, on incidents and mine victims, on social and economic influence of mines and UXOs, on mine clearance and UXO disposal operations are being gathered. The Department develops and carries out procedures on a quality assurance of the initial data and the given information.

The Department is also conducting trainings on Information Management, IMSMA and GIS for subcontractors, HQ staff and field personnel. In September 2011 staff members of the Department conducted training courses in Tbilisi for Georgian Mine Action personnel. The information Department implements in-service training for subcontractors and field personnel on an annual basis.