Mine Action Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

The number of paramedics is 19: 1 medical doctor and 18 paramedics. Most of them have passed through a number of national medical training courses and obtain enough experience and skills in organization of quick response actions to the accident. There are 17 equipped ambulances and 17 trauma kits that constitute ANAMA medical capacity. The condition of ambulances and trauma kits, contents of individual medical sets as well as training level of paramedics and sanitary condition, etc. are checking up on a constant basis.

The control and carrying out of procedures over medical evacuation (CASEVAC) according to plans are also being conducting.

According to ANAMA Medical Service SOPs, monitoring of field and base camps medical services is conducting on monthly basis in all regions. Also, special monitoring in all of these regions is conducting by Chief of ANAMA Medical Service.

The regular purchases of necessary medicines and medical equipment as well as inventory in medical warehouses are providing.