Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action

ANAMA has built national MDD BREEDING capacity in December of 2011. The new facility for breeding and early training of puppies was built in Goygol Training base.

Up to date, 26 German shepherd and Malinois puppies were born in Goygol Regional Training Center. Since 2011 ANAMA MDD training and breeding team trained 25 Mine detecting dogs. All of them are deployed to mine clearance operations. There are 5 breeding dogs in our MDD breeding and training facility. Based on current needs this is considered as a basic and appropriate capacity for ANAMA. 
It facilitates the replacement of retired operational dogs.

So, the longest life of MDDs operates in mine clearance are approximately 10 years. ANAMA has got a very experienced MDD breeding and training team. The Team consists of a Team leader for Breeding and training, assistant team leader and veterinary. 

Training of puppies

The newborn puppy’s training starts in Goygol MDD breeding and training facility. In the early stage the puppies receive training in the playground area for the 6 month period.

After 6 month they are transferred to Fizuli regional base to get more comprehensive training. Undergoing 3 weeks of quarantine regime.

Here dogs are getting trained under all weather conditions. The training area has two parts: sheltered and in the open air. This gives continued training chance for trainers to train new dogs.

Trainers train dogs about 18 month after which ANAMA MDD Accreditation senior officer conducts accreditation based on national and international standards. If dogs pass the accreditation test, then they get deployed for 6 month further training for pre deployment in the operations. This period gives a ground for MDDs and their handlers gain field experience as well as for adaptation to working as a team. 

The current mine Detecting Dogs Team of ANAMA consists of 29 personnel and 16 dog handlers. 41 mine detecting dogs are operational.