Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action

As the actual boundaries of mined areas in Azerbaijan remain unknown and due to the continued occupation of its territories by Armenian Armed Forces, the extent of the mine contamination is only estimated. Therefore in order to overcome the challenges of (in most cases) not registered mined areas ANAMA with the support of combined area reduction and minefield verification techniques turns to conduct effective and efficient manual mine clearance operations within the boundaries of confirmed mined areas. The last and the most times and painstaking stage of overall land release process the manual mine clearance seems as less significant in its progress compared to other activities such as technical survey, area reduction and mechanical ground preparation. As the scope of mine contamination in accessible lands of Azerbaijan decreases yearly ANAMA continues its manual mine clearance operations with existing two local NGOs (Relief Azerbaijan and Eurasia International Press Fund). Besides the mined areas along the confrontation line (in the accessible territories of Nagorno Karabagh region) ANAMA conducts emergency mine clearance operations around the former military facilities.