Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action

Successfully implemented first ANAMA-NATO/NSPA Partnership for Peace Trust Fund Project – unexploded ordnance clearance Project in Saloglu (2005-2011) - 5 683 769 sq.m contaminated land has been totally cleared.

Successfully implemented second ANAMA-NATO/NSPA Partnership for Peace Trust Fund Project - Clearance of Jeyranchel Project: I Phase (2012-2014) 19 sq km of the territory has been cleared and 14,827 mines and unexploded ordnance have been found and destroyed.

II Phase (2014-2016) 25 sq km has been cleared and 1 553 mines and UXOs have been found and destroyed.

III Phase (2017-2018) 22 sq km of the territory has been cleared and 2146 UXOs have been found and destroyed.

In 2016 and 2017, with the financial support of the UK Government, ANAMA implemented the Project on reducing the vulnerability of communities by destroying unexploded ordnance and landmines in conflict-affected areas of Azerbaijan.

ANAMA supported mine clearance operations conducted in Turkey-Syria borderline. 


International Cooperation

Since 1999, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has been implementing the project "further strengthening and expansion of mine action capacity in Azerbaijan" to support of humanitarian mine action conducted in Azerbaijan.

According to the Project between ANAMA and NATO/NSPA, ANAMA implemented explosive ordnance disposal training to Georgian Military officers at the ANAMA Goygol Regional Training Base and QA/QC, methods of instructions, site supervisor and info management trainings in Georgia.

ANAMA has been cooperating with the US Marshall Legacy Institute since 2005. With the support of US Department of State and donors, Marshall Legacy Institute has donated 36 Mine Detection Dogs to Azerbaijan mine clearance programme.

Within the frames of Azerbaijan Government’s initiative on non-military humanitarian assistance to Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, by the financial support of Azerbaijan Government, ANAMA produced 24 000 units of books and 1 500 manuals for teachers and delivered to the Afghanistan Republic Ministry of Education.

Within the social reintegration program for mine victims in Azerbaijan, ANAMA cooperates with International Organization for Migration (IOM), International Trust Fund (ITF), Baku Rotary Club as well as other donor organizations.

 “Geodesy Measurements Training in Humanitarian Mine Action” jointly organized by ANAMA and Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD).