Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action

Basic Humanitarian Demining Training


On 28 February, 2013 ANAMA Training, Survey and Quality Assurance Division completed the “Basic Humanitarian Demining Course” for 29 students and 3 External Quality Assurance inspectors. The training started on 28th of January and continued up to the 28th of February at the ANAMA Goygol Regional Resource and Training Center.

During the training participants received knowledge in First Aid, mine and unexploded ordnance recognition, locating the items by using mine detectors, using of mine detection dogs and mechanical demining machines in joint operations and overall activity of ANAMA.

At the end of the training the participants who passed the final test received Basic Humanitarian Demining Course Certificates.

On 28 February 2013, ANAMA conducted an official ceremony with the participation of the representatives of ANAMA HQs and parents of newly recruited deminers. The ceremony was widely broadcasted by national TV channels and Info Agencies.

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