Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action

Visit of official delegation from the Republic of Iraq to ANAMA

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan considering a letter from the Embassy of Iraq on hosting a mine action delegation from the Ministry of Environmental Protection/Mine Action department, has asked ANAMA to host a delegation from the mentioned above department.

Eventually, ANAMA with pleasure received a delegation from :
- Mr. Ahmed Ali Mahmood-Salamy - Head engineer,
- Mr. Saad S.Abdulkader Al-Bayati - Deputy director,
- Mr. Waleed Fadil Kareem - Researcher,
- Mr. Bahnam Aysoya Polus Mikho - Senior technical director,
- Mr. Hasan Jasim Jawad al-Ardawee - Head inspector''s secretariat.

On 2, April 2015 a delegation visited ANAMA Horadiz Base located in Fizuli region, got information on operations, Mechanical demining assets and mine detection dog facilities.

On 3 April, 2015 quests visited Goygol Regional Training Base and got acquainted with demining technologies and training capacities of ANAMA, were given a presentation, and invited to a discussion led by Agency TSQA Division.

On 4 April, 2015 a delegation visited ANAMA HQs, met with ANAMA Deputy Director Mr Gazanfar Ahmadov and his staff. During a meeting held in ANAMA HQ Mr. G.Ahmadov had welcomed a delegation and discussed the MRE, operations, and training issues. Negotiation also were on possible spheres of future cooperation between ANAMA and Mine Action Department of Iraq.  It is expected that in the future ANAMA will be requested to conduct training courses for Mine Action staff from the Republic of Iraq. Currently the government of estimates a long term and large scale need on demining and EOD operations in the contaminated territories of Iraq.