Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action

Training, Survey and Quality assurance division

The TSQAD is ANAMA's division responsible for provision of the training courses for the staff based on HQs Training Needs Analyses,  and measuring the level of operations' compliances to the National Mine Action Standards, IMAS, and various Standing Operational Procedures.  

Division's main functions:

1. TrainingTraining missions for national and foreign staff, refresher trainings, new  updates.
2. QA. MonitoringMonitoring of operational and logistical services for non-conformity prevention.
3. EQC. External Quality ControlInspections. Sampling of cleared fields to find defects and improve quality.
4. ScanningTo support External Quality Control by using an advanced magnetometers.
5. Trials & TestingTrials of the new equipment and testing of proposed procedures.
6. General surveysTo conduct general surveys and re-surveys when requested by HQs.
7. Preliminary investigationsPreliminary investigations of non-conformances, and accidents.

Our training achievements:  2001-2019

194    training courses
2074  trainees
(of above mentioned trainees were)  foreign citizens.   

Who may participate in ANAMA trainings?
ANAMA and implementing NGOs, local and foreign civil and military serviceman involved to humanitarian demining operations, local and foreign specialists involved in an eliminating of emergency situations, law enforcements staff and etc.






Our courses:

1. General (Non-technical)Survey Course  - 10 days
Basic Demining Course (first aid incl) - 25 days
Technical Survey Course - 15 days
Battle Area Clearance Course - 20 days
EOD Course (Level - 1 and 2)  - 20 days
Team and Section Leader Course - 15 days
Demining Supervisor Course - 15 days
QA and QC Course - 15 days
Instructor Course - 15 days
Field Level Management Course  - 10 days
Mine Risk Education Course - 5 days
Basic Info. Management Course  - 5 days
GIS Course  - 10 days
Mech. Demining  Integration Course - 5 days
MDD Integration Course - 5 days
MDD Dog Handler Course - 60 days
Mechanical Demining Operator Course - 30 days
Water well clearance Course - 10 days
House Clearance Course - 10 days
Medic’s Integration Course  - 10 days
D-MINE courses - 10 gün


Division's training background and major achievements

ANAMA’s TSQA-Division was established in 2001 to meet the national mine action’s training and quality assurance needs. Since its establishment, TSQAD has been involved in number of in-country and overseas training courses rendered through the professional trainers from the UN, US EUCOM, US MARINES, US Defense Geospatial Intelligence School, GICHD, James Madison University, John Hopkins University, Cranfield University, Mines Advisory Group, Armor Group, RONCO, Way Industry, and technical advisors from a number of leading HMA organizations. In present, our staff owns a certificates on more than 33 different training courses. At the moment, TSQAD is fully nationalized and acting without an external technical support.

18 men TSQAD being competent and equipped is acting under the command of ANAMA Director. The recognition of the TSQAD's success and experience internationally, led ANAMA to become a requested agency also in terms of the training and QA/QC missions. Besides the division's in-country obligations, division had received series of requests on training and QA/QC from the International organizations and foreign mine action actors. For example: NATO has requested to train a military company of the Georgia Republic, Government of Turkey requested to train its Defense Industry engineers, and other Turkish commercial company preferred ANAMA to train civilians for clearing the Turkish-Syrian border from land mines. Since November 2014 ANAMA trains the police and military staff of Internal Forces of Azerbaijan on humanitarian demining training and (IMAS level)  EOD 1 for 200 servicemen. NATO/NSPA requested ANAMA to conduct “Ferex DLG Operator Course” for Georgian military staff and its "Delta" group. In addition within the frame of the OSCE's project ANAMA conducted a training course for Ukrainian staff.

After the ANAMA's training in the Republic Turkey Turkish and Azerbaijani deminers found thousands of land mines.


Quality assurance – Monitoring
TSQAD instructors conduct continuous QA over the: safety, procedures, equipment, following the SOP, quality of operations, demolitions, logistics, and medical support implemented by ANAMA's demining units and demining NGOs. Monitoring assessments are approached by observing, recording, instructing, and reporting. Eventually, all identified problems and shortcomings are reported to ANAMA HQs. Besides the monitoring done in Azerbaijan, TSQAD has been involved in QA in the republics Georgia and Turkey.


External quality control - Inspections

Division’s External Quality Control Team based on the requirements of IMAS, NMAS, and QC SOP fulfils an external Quality Control (sampling) over the areas cleared by the implementing demining units and NGOs.

The main purpose is to make sure that areas are cleared in compliance with the standards and requirements up to the predetermined depth and the land is free from all explosive devices and safe for end users. Normally, all found non-conformances are investigated, and resulted with corrective actions. Besides the QC in Azerbaijan, EQC Team 3 times have been contracted to conduct Quality Control in Turkey.


Scanning capabilities of ANAMA

Scanning team (ST) supports Battle Area Clearance operations, and External Quality Сontrol inspections. ST helps EOD teams to avoid thousands of metal scrap which could be a waste of time if excavated.

When there is a task to search deeper and search in high metal contaminated areas, then the normal magnetometers may not be effective. In such cases ANAMA uses Ferex DLG, Ferex API, Vallon D1 and/or D2.  In 2016 due to the government order to clear a large former soviet military range ANAMA involved new towed technologies such as Multicat and Sensys.

Operator using FEREX is able search for devices even in a close proximity to large metal objects. When requested, ST provides BAC teams with an underground map of showing the location and size of ferromagnetic objects. ST uses software DATALINE and DATA2LINE for computer analysis. In 2017 the government of the Unites States had purchased a scanning equipment Ebinger Magnex for ANAMA. Related training delivered by the US EUCOM.



ANAMA “Goygol Regional Training Base”

The Goygol Regional Training Base (GGRTB), (where ANAMA TSQAD is delivering different types of training) was recognized by experts as fully equipped and suitable for training courses for local and international staff.
Location: GGRTB is located in Goygol city, some 360 km west of the capital city Baku and approximately 10 km south from Ganja, the second largest city in Azerbaijan.
Training facilities: GGRTB base except the office and other facilities consist of two separate training buildings: 2 classrooms (1
st is for 24 men, and 2nd is for 60) equipped with computers, laser projectors. In addition there is separate conference/meeting room.

Languages: ANAMA TSQAD instructors are able to teach courses in Azerbaijani, Russian, Turkish and English languages. In case of requests for other languages, ANAMA normally involves translators and interpreters.
Other facilities: Barrack for 28 trainees, guest house with containing 2 separate rooms, bath room, shower/kitchen, 2 separate buildings for 7 and 6 men, 8 very nice single hotel rooms with 24/7 free internet, laundry, heating station, garage, canteen for 72 people, and ect. There is also the choice of hotel accommodation in Ganja if alternatives to shared-lodging at the Centre are required. In this case, the Centre is able to provide daily transfers to and from Ganja city. In addition there is an International airport in Ganja city.
Sports: Volleyball, basketball, table tennis.
equrity:  The Training Base is guarded by sequrity.
Communications: Internet (line and WiFi), phone line and radio, fax and mass production color copy machine "Workstation".