Mine Action Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

There are two types of mine / unexploded ordnance (UXO) problems in Azerbaijan: military aggression of the Armenia over Azerbaijan’s territory and former Soviet abandoned ammunition storages and testing ranges.

The main goal of the project is to create a national mine action capacity capable of planning, coordinating and managing all mine/UXO related activities in the currently liberated areas.

Impact of project
The project will reduce the number of fatal accidents and injuries caused by mine explosions, thereby promoting the return of IDPs. It will also enable the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the infrastructure and provide food safety and income generating opportunities.

Key achievements and results of project
- Headquarter of ANAMA is located in Baku and there are two Regional Offices in Horadiz,
  Fizuli district and Goygol district, 4 operational centers located in Terter, Agjabedi, Agstafa
  and Baku established and fully operational.
- Landmine Impact Survey completed and data mapped and stored.
- Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE) integrated into school curriculum and every year
  it covers 55,000 children in 1200 schools of war-affected districts
- 58 community MRE groups active in 10 affected districts.
- The total number of people involved in mine action in Azerbaijan stands as 575 along with
  40 Mine Detecting Dogs (MDD) and 6 Mechanical Demining Machines (MDM).
- National training and quality assurance team established and fully operational.
- 548 851 305 m² (54 885 ha) of area cleared/reduced and released and handed over
  to local authorities.
- 819 369  mines and UXOs found and destroyed.