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Implementation principles

Due to the unique nature of humanitarian mine action operations ANAMA, in addition to the customary humanitarian aid principles, is operating based on three main principles: Safety, Effectiveness and Efficiency.


This principle overrides all other principles. The safety of all staff and stakeholders is the prime concern of the program. Equally important is the safety of end users of the land. This is observed through strict adherence to drills, rules, procedures and safety precautions for operations as well as administration, finance, and logistics. As a basis for safety, the minimum requirement is to abide by the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) and national mine action standards.


ANAMA will ensure effectiveness of its activities through systematic data gathering and processing, considering community needs, adherence to national mine action prioritization criteria and through open consultation and coordination with development and aid organizations.


Efficiency and cost effectiveness would be ensured through enhanced training, realistic selection of priorities, improved operating procedures and appropriate resource allocation that is using the right tool for each task identified.