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ANAMA Director's address

Since its establishment in 1998 ANAMA undergoes a long path chasing the development where broad cooperation and partnerships are the key elements. The main goal set for the national agency is undertaking of humanitarian demining operations, in full accordance with the IMAS, on accessible areas and occupied territories once they liberated. The undeniable fact remains undisputed that mine and unexploded ordnance problem (UXO) problem in Azerbaijan is a result of the military aggression of Armenia over Azerbaijan's territory, as well as former Soviet abandoned ammunition storages and testing ranges.

To achieve its goals together with the support and assistance of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), United States Department of State (US DOS), The European Commission and other international Government and Non-Government Organizations ANAMA has stressed on establishment of national mine action capacity that has been successfully achieved in the following years of its existence. ANAMA jointly with international experts has managed to build a sustainable national capacity.

Today, the national capacity of ANAMA has all the basic instruments of humanitarian demining both from operational manpower and modern demining tools- deminers, mine-detecting dogs, mechanical demining machines, deep search tools, regional bases, training facility, training and quality monitoring division, and special mobile emergency response teams. ANAMA has also established management capacities in Mine Risk Education and Victim/Survivors Assistance that constitute the nonoperational aspects of mine action, number of successful projects that could be measured based on the decrease in number of casualties among the civilians.

ANAMA has also succeeded in advocating the Mine Action to the Government of Azerbaijan that has led to the inclusion of humanitarian mine action in the broader development context and turned ANAMA into one of the important players in drafting and implementing the state sustainable development plans. A significant example of it could be the fact, that Humanitarian demining operations being conducted in regions of Azerbaijan are included in the Socio-Economic Development Plan 2003-2008 and 2009-2013, 2014-2018 of the President of Azerbaijan. Since July 2000 up to date, ANAMA has released 523 990 199 sq.m of SHA/CHAs (by manual demining and demining by mine detection dogs, technical survey, area reduction, land release and mechanical land preparation) where 796 754 different mines and UXO/AXOs were found and destroyed.

Along with this local participation, ANAMA successfully cooperates with international organizations and similar centers in other countries with a view to mutual assistance and exchange of experience that leads to further development based on best practices.

In response to the state priority to support the national capacity development of other mine affected states that are still undergoing the nationalization processes ANAMA has established a regional training center. Starting from 2009, in accordance with the Government’s foreign priorities, ANAMA has conducted a range of mine action trainings delegates from AfghanistanGeorgiaTurkeyUkraine and Tajikistan in the framework of bilateral relations. This initiative will be continued in future. 

We thank you all for your interest in our activities.

Best regards,

Gazanfar Ahmadov